Content Delivery Network ( CDN )

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Swiftway build and operates Swiftway CDN, an industry leading content delivery network (CDN). It uses a system of servers running advanced software for organizing, storing, and streaming website content to end-users.

Swiftway CDN

Rather than serving content directly from the host server to the end-user, Swiftway CDN moves content from the host server to a node that is geographically close to the end-user. This minimizes the distance the data has to travel, avoiding network traffic jams, and decreasing latency. In addition, it features the ease-of-use and a high level of control for which Swiftway is known

Key Advantages

Swiftway CDN
  • Global Deployment, Your content close to your audience worldwide, using the Swiftway CDN platform
  • Better value, leverage our low bandwidth prices worldwide
  • Faster means better, bring content close to end-users for fast downloads and a far better streaming media experience. Our experts monitor the Swiftway CDN 24/7
CDN places

Swiftway CDN places content as close to the end-user as possible, making downloading, streaming, and website loading faster and more consistent. This allows websites to include richer, more creative content without sacrificing performance.

Broader Geographic Reach

Swiftway CDN pushes content to server nodes placed around the world, optimizing the speed and reliability of content delivery to end-users regardless of location. This is especially advantageous as Internet subscriber rates continue to increase globally.

Cost Effective, Performance-Neutral Scalability

Our CDN spreads its workload over multiple servers in diverse locations, so increases in content demand does not slow down or compromise delivery. Swiftway CDN is priced based on bandwidth used, eliminating the cost of excess capacity.

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