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Swiftway’ s WDM Wavelength
Swiftway’ s WDM Wavelength services are a cost effective way to connect two or more locations. We provide Long-Haul WDM Wavelength services as well as Metro WDM services and offer a 100Gbps, 40Gbps, 10Gbps, 2.5Gbps or 1Gbps wave service to extend your network to multiple locations.

Swiftway Metro WDM

Swiftway’ s Metro WDM services can expand your network one wavelength at a time to reach more locations with the network that drives your business. We designed our network architecture with fewer elements. There are only two layers: dark fiber and optical networking technology. Adding incremental service to your network can be as simple as plugging in a optical receiver into our 40, 80 or 160 channel DWDM equipment. Utilizing both our own fiber assets as well as waves and fibers of partner-carriers, we can offer a network that brings a complete European and North American footprint with a strong presence in Asia, serving over 290 metro markets, over 40 countries and over 90,000 route miles with approximately 9500 on-net buildings with new locations added regularly.

Swiftway Metro WDM
Interconnecting offices and data centers
Transparent extension of LAN across the Metro Area Network (MAN)
Dedicated Bandwidth
Layer 2 networking - supports protocols other than internet protocol (IP)
Redundant paths available create a true protected transport ring
Quick quotes and contract processing leads to fast turnaround of your wavelength
Swiftway Metro WDM
Swiftway Metro WDM

When planning your intercity, interstate or even intercontinental network, Swiftway has the proven experience to deliver the benefits of high-speed networking technology. Swiftway offers you a high performance network designed with less regeneration to provide a very low latency- while minimizing potential points of failure.

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